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Real problems

Our solutions

Who are we?

We are Lab387 - a digital laboratory for web, design and education guided by experiences, knowledge and practice from the real, business, world.

We work as a team and test every problem until we come up with a solution that is tailored just for you - our client. 

We don’t deal much with the theory because only innovative solutions for our clients can bring different and better results that are recognized. 

If you find it unusual and interesting, we believe that you are one of those people who want to move forward.

What do we do?

Our focus is on working with clients who have unusual and challenging problems, and whose solution we can see through some kind of innovative website or web application.

With graphic design we solve creative problems whether it is a complete branding or UX / UI design that will help us make better websites. 

Education is something that has our special attention and we have selflessly passed on our knowledge to many real people who make money from the web today. We are especially proud of our Lab387 apprentice that over 20 diligent and dear people have experienced.

With whom do we work?

We love different challenges, and we mostly work with clients who are part of our team - they get involved, share their experiences and problems and work with us on their solutions. We know this is the only way to get the best results. 

We do not work without a detailed analysis and agreement of both parties, we don’t work without contracts and invoices, we don’t work for free and without an advance. This way, we are all safe and we know that the result will be fantastic - confirmed by many years of experience. 

If you think alike you should review our portfolio to check out our expertise. We have no doubt that the next email / message / call will be from you to solve your problems together.

Clients for whom we have solved problems

Partners with whom we solve problems

Level Up d.o.o.

Solution Lab  d.o.o.

Our portfolio

They say that the unwritten rule is that every good company must have a portfolio. 

At the links below you can see our portfolio divided by areas of our work for us and our family. Also, you can download a PDF portfolio for each of the areas if you need it for further communication.
Areas of our knowledge, experience and work:




What our clients say about us

"A huge compliment to everyone who has worked on this website - you can hardly do better - just great."
  Dom Collection doo
"Great pictures, great renders. The possibility of clicking on the apartments on the facade and appearing the most important facts is very good."
  Dom Collection doo
"Thanks a lot for the video, everything is clear. By the way, everything turned out great, the comments of others are that the web looks really good and professional! Anyway, I would recommend you to anyone who needs it!"


If you liked what we do and how we do it, feel free to contact us so that we can help you solve your problems and become part of our family.

Talk to you soon!
Your Lab387
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