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In Class Education

Below you can see all the educations that were done live, in cooperation with the Link Group.

This long-term, partnership cooperation continues today where we support each other in creating new staff in the field of programming and web design, innovations in the field of education and in practical work with students.

Link Group

4 generations
PHP Development
140 students
4 courses for high school students
140 students
2 generations
Web Design
50 students
2 promo courses
PHP and WordPress
70 students
2 courses for the children
Hour of code
70 students
4 courses for the children
Introduction to programming
35 students

Online Education

Here you can see everything we do with our partner company Link Group, and within their DL platform.

Working on the Link Group Distance Learning platform means working with students, ie answering their messages and inquiries related to the material, reviewing solutions to set tasks, communicating via eduWall, setting additional tasks and the like.

Link Group

4 generations
MySQL Programming and Administration
1500 students
2 generations
Frontend Application Development
600 students
2 generations
Core JavaScript Programming
200 students
2 generations
JavaScript Programming
200 students

Dl Course Development

Here you can see all the courses we have created for our partner company Link Group, on their DL platform.

Each of the programming courses involves the development of a course plan and program with the objectives and description of the course, the structure of modules and lessons and the competencies that participants need to adopt through the course. In addition, a set of lessons was created for each of them, along with a test for each lesson, summary, module tests, videos for each lesson along with the script and a glossary, literature, knowledge tests and additional practice tasks.

All lessons are interactive, containing code examples with explanations and they are focused on practical work and activity, with very little theory that serves as a basis for the work and are on average 7 to 10 pages long A4 format.

Link Group

Frontend Application Development
5 moduls - 24 lessons
Core JavaScript Programming
7 moduls - 15 lessons
Apache Web Administration
7 moduls - 19 lessons
Advanced JavaScript Programming
2 moduls - 19 lessons
MySQL Programming and Administration
4 moduls - 15 lessons
XML/PHP Programming
2 moduls - 10 lessons
Web Security and Cryptography
1 modul - 8 lessons
Object Oriented Programming in PHP
3 moduls - 18 lessons
Building Web Applications (PHP)
2 moduls - 16 lessons

Other Education


At IUS (International University of Sarajevo), we held a course 98- 375 HTML5 Application Development Fundamentals guided by the official plan and program of Microsoft.

The course was attended by 30 participants who acquired the knowledge needed to create HTML5 applications using HTML 5, CSS 3 and JavaScript technologies

Classes were held in English.

Ekonomski fakultet u Sarajevu

At the Faculty of Economics, University of Sarajevo, we held a course 98-375 HTML5 Application Development Fundamentals guided by the official plan and program of Microsoft.

The course was attended by 20 students, while classes were conducted in BHS language.

Students acquired the knowledge of creating HTML5 applications using HTML 5, CSS 3 and JavaScriptt, and where we mentored students on their final papers in this field for the purpose of taking exams at the faculty.

Gimnazija Obala

For the needs of the students of the Obala Gymnasium from the first to the fourth grade of high school, we held an introductory lecture in C++.

In a crowded classroom, students learned about C++, Fields, Arrays, References, and Functions.

We also introduced the students to the work of ITAcademy Sarajevo.

Srednja grafička škola Ilidža

For the needs of students of the High School of Graphic Arts in Ilidža, we held a lecture related to the introduction to programming, various areas and ways of doing this work, and we introduced them to the work of ITAcademy Sarajevo.

We were happy to answer various questions from students and professors in order to facilitate their introduction to this professional field.

Other Projects

Within this section you can see some of the different and interesting creative projects we have worked on, which include work on audio and video materials, production of plays and video content, and graphic and web design.

Other Projects

Information Broadcast Agency

The Information Broadcast Agency is one of the beginnings of our workWithin this agency,

We worked on graphic design as well as the design and development of the website itself.
In addition, we were involved in filming events as well as interviewing, and processing and producing video material on the Youtube channel: Information Broadcast Agency. In addition to working on these jobs, we also worked on running an online youth radio channel and all popular social networks.

Original team members:
- Ivana Aranza
- Amar Bešlija
- Armin Bečić
- Maid Đelilović

Teatar mladih ArtEffect

ArtEffect Youth Theater is one of the largest projects in which we have dealt with various segments in the field of design, audio and video production, play production and writing.

With over 25 members of this youth theater, we wrote, produced and directed 4 plays, prepared 3 more plays to perform, held over a hundred rehearsals, and for each of the plays we designed posters and invitations, recorded and photographed and produced recordings of the play itself.

For certain plays, we also produced video material in the form of promoting the play before the premiere. We created and ran all the popular social networks together and did Facebook and Instagram advertising for the purpose of promoting the show.

Various Projects

Detailed analysis of the website in terms of design, UX experience, security and functionality, and report writing.

Development and integration of a web application for managing passenger transfer reservations.

Work on a database of 15,000 users and bicycles, consulting in the development of website / application functionality.

Creating and editing a website, recording informative videos, editing and publishing articles.

Consulting in the website development.

Consulting in the website development.

Preparation of materials for the website and basic design.

Development of an informative website about the KUD.

Creating and editing a website together with all text, photo and video materials.

GlobalGPS BH

Creating a web application for managing applications for internships within the company.

Creating a website with customizing and entering material from the old website.


If you came to this place, it means that you have reviewed our complete portfolio! Thank you for taking the time to look at our contributions in the areas of web, design and education.

If you liked what we do and how we do it, feel free to contact us so that we can help you solve your problems and become part of our family.

Talk to you soon!
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